About Us

Born out of a desire to proactively revitalize the downtown community of La Grande, Oregon, an army of community visionaries pooled their ambitions, talents and energy in a synergistic endeavor to create one of the most unique economic redevelopment opportunities ever offered to Eastern Oregon.


Imagine nearly 20,000 square feet of the richest design, construction and artistic craftsmanship incorporated into a climate-controlled Indoor Shopping Experience enabling you to walk through a European Village of more than thirty businesses while enjoying an exquisite culinary selection from an ethnically diverse menu, an extensive variety of the latest in created fashions, or an opportunity to observe artists creating their work while other artists exhibit their created treasures in galleries located throughout the complex for your enjoyment.

Imagine taking in a Murder Mystery Dinner, savoring a delicacy created by a “Secret Signature Culinary Professional” while you and your friends are brought to laughter and tears by a locally produced and directed production, performed by local actors for your further enjoyment.

Imagine attending your next wedding, corporate festivity or fundraiser event in an atmosphere of excellence with an experience that, we assure you, will be listed in your journal of life’s best memories!

Imagine taking in the filming of “The Nutritionist” or “The Merlin Hour”, (two possible reality shows currently under development) while benefiting from the knowledge and experience the hosts have to offer you and your family.

Imagine all this and more being offered by The Market Place, now located in the State of Eastern Oregon!


Imagine this Market Place offering local residents who always wanted to start their first business but were fearful of doing it alone, afraid of not knowing what to do or how to do it, or simply not knowing where to start, the opportunity to develop their business successfully, assisted by a team of professionals with a vast collective experience in retail, marketing, advertising, merchandising, business strategies and development.

Imagine this “Market Place Business Incubator” helping you duplicate your successful business in other locations with partners that share in your vision and dreams.


Imagine this Market Place offering local students obtaining their Master’s Degrees or completing their undergrad studies the “Right of Empowerment” through a business curriculum incorporating a practicum whereby students could gain “real life experience” in business development, business management and business expansion, applying their learned skills while putting their acquired knowledge to the test.
Imagine this academic opportunity, commonly known as the MBI (our very own “Masters Business Institute”), as an eight unit, one year accredited practicum offered to local and long distance students visiting the beautiful Grande Ronde valley for the first time.

Imagine all this and more being offered by The Market Place now located in the State of Eastern Oregon!


Imagine a local high tech startup (named “MPzero Studios”) bringing the Market Place, and soon the entire State of Eastern Oregon, into the ever-expanding world of digital marketing and advertising via an exciting portfolio of internet and media products, in a manner that will be sought after by others who want to benefit from this newest form of “Media Driven Solutions”.

Organic Foods

Imagine The Market Place expanding into a locally owned, locally operated and locally benefiting grocery outlet offering an extensive variety of locally grown, locally grass fed and raised meats, cheeses and produce marketed under the trademark “Oregonics” (Oregon provided Organic Products) and complimented by the joint efforts and talents of The Market Place’s very own “Nature’s Pantry” and soon to come, 10,000 square foot grocery store, soon to become known by the household name of “Family Foods”.

The Future

Imagine all this ground covered by the Market Place in just the last three years…
Imagine the Market Place with the growing army of local entrepreneurs now joining its forces, its collective team of talent and passion, its visionary focus on excellence, its unstoppable and synergistic desire for making a significant difference; …Where will it be in 5 more years? …7 years? … 10 years?

Imagine where you will be?
We invite you to join the team and become a part of “About Us”!

Contact MBI’s Business Concierge Terry DeSpain  for more information: 541.398.1142

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